A. Brief History

Wayne Dudley founded Dudley Construction on July 1, 1997, for the purpose of continuing a quality construction service in the Kansas area. Wayne has been in the construction business since graduating in a post-high school course in architectural drafting & design. After starting architectural drafting work in the late 1970’s, he came to work for Simon Wiens of Jost & Wiens Construction in 1980, serving as a job superintendent. “Si” stressed the importance of honesty, positive customer relations, and maintaining a quality product. On January 1st 1987 Wiens & Dudley Construction Company, Inc. began operation, being formed under the partnership of Simon Wiens, Sid Wiens & Wayne Dudley. Soon after, Si Wiens passed away, leaving Sid and Wayne as partners to continue the original intent, providing quality service through the years to follow. After 10 years in business, the partners agreed they would dissolve the partnership and form two separate companies. As a result, Dudley Construction Company, Inc. came into being, and continues, Lord willing, to serve in the construction industry, as it has done in the past.

B. Our Specialization

Our firm has a capacity of knowledge and expertise to perform in a wide variety of construction markets:

  • New church building construction
  • Small and large scale church building additions and remodeling
  • New multi-unit retirement living centers
  • New light commercial construction
  • Small and large scale commercial additions and remodeling
  • New single-family residential construction
  • Small and large scale residential additions and remodeling

We have been successful in providing the various Owners of our projects with the satisfaction of our construction services as well as the finished project.

C. Strengths

We do offer the Client a number of strong points that would particularly benefit them. Some of these strengths are as follows:

  • Quality of Workmanship
  • Efficient Time and Resource Management
  • Good Reputation
  • Experience
  • Integrity
  • Design Build Capabilities
  • Computer aided Drafting, Estimating, and Accounting, in House
  • Responsible and Qualified Personnel
  • Good Working Relationship with the Owner from Start to Finish
D. Company Philosophy

Our philosophy can be placed in a nut- shell, using the phrase “A good reputation is better than gold”. Our business is based on God’s principles of honesty, quality, and good faith. This leads to the following cycle of events:

  • A Client hires our services
  • Our firm performs a quality service
  • We propose our services to another, potential Client
  • This potential Client refers to our previous Clients
  • Our previous Clients give us a good reference
  • The potential Client is convinced of our reputation
  • The cycle repeats

Because of our philosophy, this cycle has proven to be very effective. It is our highest priority, therefore, that we not jeopardize this cycle of trust by allowing our standards to deteriorate. Since our business is our livelihood, we will perform our services to the best of our professional ability, and maintain as our goal complete satisfaction for the Owner.  

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