One of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of construction is the Design/Build concept. This concept allows for more owner participation, single source responsibility, better communication, fast-tracking, and better cost control in the design and construction of a project. Dudley Construction offers complete Design/Build services. We work together with the owner – and sometimes the owner’s architect – in all phases of developing the plans and completing the construction process.

The Design/Build concept offers the owner price and schedule control early in the process. It unifies the responsibility for the project in one source – the Design/Build team – reducing the chance of any surprises or miscommunication during construction.

Better communication

A good Design/Build team creates a partnership with not only the owner and the contractor, but also with the contractors and major suppliers for a project. Communication is greatly improved – from day one, throughout the entire project.


The Design/Build concept allows for fast-tracking – many different construction activities taking place at one time – to move the project forward at an accelerated pace. This allows the owner to occupy the building sooner than possible with the traditional design, bid and construct process, shortening construction time – and cost to the owner. For example, as soon as the footing and foundation designs are complete, the contractor can start mass earthwork and site engineering while the rest of the construction drawings are being completed.

Single source responsibility

From the very beginning, Dudley Construction is responsible for the entire construction process – under one contract – with the Design/Build concept. We assume responsibility for all phases, including architectural, planning, site preparation, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as the actual construction.

Guaranteed maximum price

In the Design/Build concept, a Guaranteed Maximum Price can be established to assure that the owner’s budget is not compromised. In most cases, Dudley Construction can offer a Guaranteed Maximum Price early in the project, based on an approved scope of work.

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